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Firekind - What I have Found Is Already Lost

The first in a series of album reviews begins with ‘What I have Found Is Already Lost’ from Firekind.

Fusing epic soaring vocal and guitar melodies with driving, powerful drums and bass, the band consists of brothers Jas (a Seth Baccus Guitars Official Artist), Dan Morris (bass) and Robin Shute (drums). With hard rock and prog roots spiced with an arena sound blent in, it’s hard to pigeon hole them which bodes to a myriad of rock tastes across modern genres.

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Jack J Hutchinson

On Saturday 31st July I had the pleasure of watching Jack J Hutchinson perform a blistering set at Just Push Play Festival, a charity event run by Lee Graham to raise money for St Nicholas Hospice Care.

We met up just after he had performed and had a chance to meet his fans, pose for a few pictures and grab a coffee.

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Ashen Reach - Homecoming

So, for a while this one kind of slipped under my radar and then Haxan announced a tour with support from Ashen Reach and White Raven Down.  I listened to the album to get an idea of what to expect and really enjoyed it.

Roll on the gig and I hear the band live….. wow, everything I’d previously heard via Spotify was blown away.

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Florence Black - Weight Of The World

Time for a review of the album Weight of The World from Florence Black.

To be honest when I listened to it for the first time I expected something a bit different, I’m not even sure why lol.

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As December Falls - Norwich - Brickmakers

As December Falls reached Norwich at the end of the first leg of their Happier tour.

Supporting bands Red Wine Talk and Evade Escape got the audience suitably livened up before the headliners of the night As December Falls took to the stage.

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Jack J Hutchinson - The Hammer Falls

Bluesy, rocker Jack J Hutchinson has a new album out called The Hammer Falls and this one definitely needs to be listened too.

It seems a long while ago that I sat down and spoke to Jack, in July 2021, about The Hammer Falls but it’s finally here and as well as the amazing music the vinyl edition is a thing of beauty.

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So I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with Firekind before their show in Norwich in support of Jack J Hutchinson on his The Hammer Falls tour.

What a great bunch of guys. So grab yourself a mug of coffee and some biscuits and have a read…

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Unknown Refuge - From The Darkness

Bolton based Unknown Refuge released their debut offering From The Darkness on 26th March 2021 and after much listening to the album a full on review is most definitely in order.

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