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Weight Of The World

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Florence Black - Weight Of The World

Album Review

Time for a review of the album Weight of The World from Florence Black.

To be honest when I listened to it for the first time I expected something a bit different, I’m not even sure why lol.

After listenening a few more times I realised it’s an album written by the guys of songs that they wanted to write and not something manufactured and written just to please people.

To be straight to the point it’s a bloody good album with some pretty awesome songs.

The Review

Zulu starts off slowly and lulls you into a flase sense of what’s to come before the thumping drums kick in. This is a great song and for the first track will have your feet tapping and head nodding and teaases of what’s to come.

Inside Out gets straight to the point with its chugging guitars and kicking drums.

On The Ropes flys along with the drums pulling everything along at a frantic pace and the vocals of Tristan scream along with the wailing guitars.

Sun & Moon is an EPIC song, almost Sting/Police like, that begins at a slower pace and speeds up for the chorus before slowing once more. What a great song this is and depending on what you’re listening on you can literally feel the bass.

Can You Feel It is another stand out track with booming drums, great vocals and some awesome guitar work. It’s a great example of how well this debut album has been put together as everything sounds spot on.

Grove Street opens to some bluesy guitar and while heavies it up for the chorus is a slower and somewhat calmer song than what we’ve heard so far, apart from maybe Sun & Moon. Another great song.

Black Cat is another great song, with distinctive slower verses and fasters choruses. This is one of the many stand out tracks on this album. The guitars, vocals and drums all seem so spot on.

The Deep End is an awesome song with a booming intro and the guitars and vocals combine perfectly as they have done throughout on this album.

So Far Away brings a bit of everything you could want, slow parts, thumping drums, awesome vocals and beautiful guitar work.

The album closes with The Light and like other songs on the album is another quality rock song.

In Review

This is a great album from Florence Black that if you didn’t know who it was before listening could have come out at anytime over the past 20 or so years and would have slotted in nicely.

If you like your rock and a bit of bluesy undertones thrown into the mix certainly give these guys a listen. Don’t expect any new style or sound of rock as it’s a mix of classic rock sounds with a bit of heavier and lighter stuff. A bit of something for everyone with some absolutely Epic songs thrown in for good measure.

If you get the chance to catch these guys live listen to their cover of Budgies – Breadfan as it’s awesome.

Excell Rocks gives the album a score of 10/10.