As December Falls

Gig Review - Norwich - Brickmakers

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As December Falls

Gig Review - Norwich - Brickmakers

As December Falls reached Norwich at the end of the first leg of their Happier tour.

Supporting bands Red Wine Talk and Evade Escape got the audience suitably livened up before the headliners of the night As December Falls took to the stage.

The immediate thing you notice is how the almost shy, cute looking Bethany becomes a hypnotic focal point for the duration. She holds the entire audience in her hands and for a moment all worries, cares and covid are gone and everyone is just Happier.

Why As December Falls have managed a fully sold out tour when others have struggled becomes clear.

The band have an un-seperable mix of pop, punk, rock and emo presented through the bands eyes.

They attract the people who like the popier side of things but also grab the fans of rock with the emo fans well covered too.

The setlist features songs from both Happier and their self-titled first album with opening song Afterglow getting things underway.

The absolutely stonking track Zombie and I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great powering us onto the sublime Ride and the awesome All Of This Is Over before the audience are invited to lend their voices to the brilliant No Money.

And then Beth becomes Avril as we are treated to a cover of Sk8er Boi which pleases the audience.

The music is a fantastic mix of some Pop and Rock riffs and is addictively presented with beautiful vocals and backed up with riff laden guitars and frantic drums.

H.N.A provides some Emo angst, My Chemical Romance style to the mix in another great song.

From listening it becomes apparent that their music is a mix of strong verses and monsterous, memorable choruses and is extremely effective and done perfectly.

Then suddenly it’s the last song the amazing Tears before the encore and yet another great song More To You closes the set..

And there was me thinking that the aptly named One Last Song may get this privilege.

The night is over and the band seems to have enjoyed this as much as the audience, in a room littered with smiles.

As December Falls delivered a perfect set, near exploding amps aside, and we should all be Happier. And we were. Happier.

As December Falls

As December Falls are an UK alternative/ emo rock band fighting against the tide of a change in the rock scene towards electronic influenced songs.

Focusing on guitar and riff based songs with gorgeous shades of pop vocals from Bethany Hunter they go back to roots of the alternative scene with an updated “old-school pop-punk” sound.

Get hold of their Happier album here: