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The Hammer Falls

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Jack J Hutchinson - The Hammer Falls

Album Review

Bluesy, rocker Jack J Hutchinson has a new album out called The Hammer Falls and this one definitely needs to be listened too.

It seems a long while ago that I sat down and spoke to Jack, in July 2021, about The Hammer Falls but it’s finally here and as well as the amazing music the vinyl edition is a thing of beauty.

Could there be a more introductory album song than ‘Straight To Hell’ with it’s bluesy undertones and topping of pure rock and roll.

‘The Hammer Falls’ is a thumping chunky track that also so has the privilege of being the album title and delivers with aplomb and includes some sublime guitar mastery.

I’ve heard and seen ‘Down By The River’ live a few times now and personally I think it is an absolute monster of a song.  It features such a mix of slower paced but heavy sounding guitars and glorious vocals combined with a stunning chorus that is simply majestic live.  And don’t forget the nimble fingered guitar solo midway through the song.

‘Angel of Death’ is simply one of the most beautiful songs on the album.  It is both a lyrical and musical masterpiece delivered with such glorious perfection that needs to heard.  An epic and truly splendid piece of writing and musical delivery.

Latest single ‘Halo’ and previous release ‘Call of The Wild’ are once again two great songs with the distinctive Jack J guitar sound and vocals.

The guitar led onslaught continues with the somewhat bluesier sounding ‘Gunslinger’ and the chugging bass-line of ‘The Ravens Crow’, delivering more distinctive styles in an inspired Hutchinson masterclass.

With its booming intro and robo-jack sounding vocals ‘What Doesn’t Kill You (Only Make You Stronger)’ keeps the hammer wielded and held high to the near end with a frenetic guitar solo thrown in to the mix for added greatness.

Album closer ‘World On Fire’ seems like a song that has been around for a while now and seems apt as a closer as Jack J Hutchinson has really set the world on fire with this album.

The Hammer Falls and by god does it fall with such magnificence….. eat your heart out Thor……

A stunning album of musical brilliance from Jack J Hutchinson…. There’s still a bit of blues but….. it’s heavier…. Just listen to it.

If lockdowns help produce this sort of album then we should have one every few years.

This is an album that cranks things up to 11. 11/10 if that’s even possible.

Jack J Hutchinson is a London based guitarist and singer songwriter. Described by Classic Rock Magazine as “Southern-smoked blues-rock with hooks, choruses, the lot”, his most recent album ‘Who Feeds The Wolf?‘ reached #1 in the Amazon Blues Chart and the iTunes Blues Chart Top 5. To date, he has released two solo albums, including the critically acclaimed ‘Paint No Fiction‘.

Hutchinson has toured internationally, including headlining tours of Brazil, Spain, Russia, France and Germany. He has also played various high profile festivals across the world, sharing stages with acts such as ZZ Top, Bad Company, Rival Sons and Blackberry Smoke.

In 2020 he featured on the Earache Records album ‘New Wave Of Rock N Roll’, which hit the Official UK Vinyl Chart Top 10.


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